Apple MagSafe 45W (MC747Z/A)

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Cooler Master Notebook Power Adapter, Apple MagSafe, MacBook and 13" MacBook Pro, 45W (MC461Z/A)

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Apple (MC747Z/A) Захранване за лаптоп, Apple Magsafe - 45W (MacBook Air 2010)

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Apple Magsafe Power Adapter - 45W (MacBook Air 2010)
Предназначен за: Лаптоп
Х-ка 2: The 45-Watt MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air features a magnetic DC connector that ensures your power cable will disconnect if it experiences undue strain and helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time.
Х-ка 3: In addition, the magnetic DC helps guide the plug into the system for a quick and secure connection.
Х-ка 4: When the connection is secure, an LED located at the head of the DC connector will light; an amber light lets you know that your portable is charging, while a green light tells you that you have a full charge.
Х-ка 5: An AC cord is provided with the adapter for maximum cord length, while the AC wall adapter (also provided) gives users an even easier and more compact way to travel.
Х-ка 6: Redesigned specifically for MacBook Air, the adapter is the perfect traveling companion. It has a clever design which allows the DC cable to be wound neatly around itself for easy cable storage.
Гаранция: 12 месеца
Продукт известен още и като MagSafe 45 W MC 747 Z A, MagSafe45WMC747ZA, MagSafe 45W (MC747Z/ A)
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